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The Photo Salon Platform



Mynd strives to be the most complete, yet easy to use digital and print photo salon platform on the market.

End-to-End photo salon management

Organizing a salon generally requires a lot of effort, time and a number of skill sets. Mynd incorporates every aspect of a digital salon, from user registration and photo upload to mass mailings, judging, award distribution, Excel export,  PDF catalog creation and even beautiful projection. 
With Mynd, organizing a salon becomes so easy that one single person can run an entire salon end-to-end.

Powerful and Simple to Use

Mynd provides the most intuitive interface for the participant as well as the organizer.
Participants can manage their own photos from a single, fast and user friendly interface. Once the judgement has been closed, participants don't have to search through complex PDF's to find their photos and awards; Mynd provides a beautiful search interface, as well as the display of every single aspect of the participant's content right from their dashboard.

Platform Features

The Mynd platform allows you to run an international photo salon end to end without the need of any other tools.

Zero Installation

The entire platform is web based and delivered as a could service, using the newest web technology to provide an intuitive experience. All you need is a browser to run your salon.
You don't need to care about installations, backups, updates or server management; we provision the platform for you.


Mynd is built with scalability and security in mind. It runs automatic backups and maintenance, so you don't have to care about loosing data or slow responsiveness.
Mynd has been tested with thousands of photos in active storage and ensures excellent performance even for large salons. 


Mynd incorporates a secure user management, allowing you to assign roles to your users. Participants can self-register, an email challenge / response system ensures you don't get spammed with false user registrations.
The Mynd backend is secured with multiple state-of-the-art mechanisms, preventing attacks and keeping an audit trail of all actions.


Every single aspect of the platform can be customized:
- Define your own static page content
- Set your dates and fees
- Configure your sections and image boundaries
- Set your rules and awards
- Easily register your PayPal account
- And much more...

The Organizer Panel


Mynd provides an organizer dashboard, giving you all the data you need about your currently running salon.
It incorporates a fast and comfortable interface for browsing and searching for participants, photos and payments.

Stay in touch

An easy-to-use integrated mailing system allows you to send emails to participants, jury members or even email lists from your last contest.


Run multiple judging rounds for digital and print sections without a hassle. Allow judges to use their mobile device to perform their scoring.
Define the maximum score per photo, and re-judge a subset of photos in the next round.
Keep complete control during judging, navigate through photos, know which judge hasn't scored yet and instantly see the total score of a photo.

Salon results

Once judging is complete, Mynd lets you review the highest scored photos, define the scoring threshold per section and visualize the percentage of acceptances.
Drag and drop your awards to the photos of your choice.
Send scorecards to your participants, export the result list in Microsoft Excel, download all photos, produce a PDF catalog, and even run a beautiful projection.

Judging with Mynd

Failure Proof

If judging is interrupted for any reason, the running judging round does not have to be entirely repeated. Mynd keeps track of the current round and lets you continue where you left off.

Unlimited Rounds

Mynd lets you run as many judging rounds as needed, re-judging just a subset of photos, based on your previous round.
You don't have to re-judge each and every photo, simply concentrate on the ones that have received the same score on the previous round.


Visibility & Control

The organizer panel keeps control of the entire judging procedure.
It shows who has scored a particular photo, and who still needs to score, the remaining number of photos to score as well as the ability to go back and re-score the previous photo.

Intuitive Judge Panel

Judges can use any mobile device to perform their scoring. The interface is simple, intuitive and fast.

The author's experience



Participants want to have a simple, intuitive interface to upload their art and view the status of the contest at any time.
Mynd provides a dashboard to them, allowing participants to view the relevant information on one single screen.
Payment status, uploaded photos, sections and participant profile can be managed in a glympse.



When the salon results are published, participants receive their scorecards in an email. Furthermore, the scores can be viewed in a sortable and searchable table on the web interface.


Stay Connected

Staying connected to your participants is key. Mynd allows them to send you messages through a simple web view, allowing them to ask questions, make comments or provide general feedback.


Simple Payments

Payments are made through PayPal.Com. Mynd completely integrates this process, allowing your participants to view their payment status in seconds, instead of hours after they have made a payment.
If you allow your participants to pay in a different way, the organizer can set the payment status of participants manually.


Your Salon


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